What we do

RivelinCo is Sheffield’s arts centre without walls, proudly based in Hillsborough and working across many of the surrounding areas in the North of the city, where traditionally there has been a significant lack of access to cultural opportunities and infrastructure.

‘Without walls’ means our creative programme takes place in parks, community centres, high streets, car parks, empty shops, libraries, schools, and care homes – temporarily transforming them into theatres, cinemas, galleries, workshops, classrooms and forums.

  • We create and curate exciting shows, projects and events in unexpected places.
  • We lead creative workshops that bring together people of all ages and walks of life to learn new skills.
  • We collaborate creatively with local people, artists, businesses, and community organisations.
  • We share ideas from around the world: thinking globally and acting locally.
  • Our projects are often about people and place. We’re also thinking a lot about climate.
  • We believe access to culture is a human right, and our definition of culture is broad: our remit includes gardening, cooking, crafts, cinema, languages and sports as often as it includes theatre, dance, music and visual arts.

We aim for our work to be inclusive, intergenerational and environmentally sustainable. We prioritise respect, kindness and care: for our community, for our team, for our collaborators, and for the planet.

We are named after one of our local rivers. The neighbourhoods we work in and with have a confluence, which means the merging of two or more rivers into one. We embrace this ethos by working collaboratively with our community in every part of our work.

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